Casa Bayanihan

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Goodbyes are never easy when it comes to Casa despedidas, but our final times with our praxis communities and Bahay Kapwa in mid-May were so filled with smiles and memories of an incredible semester. Thank you to BK for all the hard work, love, and crafting you always put into the despedida, and thank you to all our praxis communities for making the biannual journey to Ateneo de Manila to celebrate the semester with us! What a beautiful day that was with all of you!

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Batch 5’s going away party with the neighborhood may have been a while ago, but that doesn’t make it any less memorable or post-worthy! Check out the fun times we had with ice cream, newspaper, and our friends form Barangka!

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Rain in Our Mass!

If the rain in Spain falls mainly in the plain, the rain in the Philippines falls, well, EVERYWHERE! But usually only from the months of May to November! We have joked that the Spring batches of students just cannot comprehend the rainy season because all they experience is 90+ degree heat daily. Well, that held until yesterday, when we were treated to an absolute downpour right in the middle of our weekly Mass! 

Every Thursday, an optional space is offered for all students and staff, regardless of faith background, to come together in prayer. It’s a great way to spend an afternoon together, and because yesterday was our last Thursday Mass, the porch was packed with people wanting to celebrate one last time together. Little did we know how memorable our Mass would be!

The day started with the temperature way up and nary a cloud in the sky, but as the weather often does, it changed rather quickly and by the time Mass was starting, dark clouds were looming on the horizon. All of a sudden, the sky opens and dumps water on us! I mean, we had been talking about baptism, so it was only appropriate! We scrambled to keep water off the porch and out of one of our co-director’s houses, all the while laughing and hugging and dancing in the rain. Even while the rain kept coming, we finished the Mass, all of us totally soaked but with smiles on our faces. It was a rain for the ages and one Batch 5 won’t soon forget.

James, Karla, Liz, Roberto, Olivia, and Bea take a break from dancing in the rain

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More entries for Casa Bayanihan’s contribution to Philippine tourism! 

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The first batch of “It’s More Fun in the Philippines” photos!

(To those not privy to this campaign, see the post below for an explanation!”

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It’s more fan in the Philippines.
Famous words from Lingap praxis coordinator Kuya Norman, riffing on the famous slogan of the Philippines while alluding to the high amount of electric fans the country.